our cupcake flavors

Since we try to work seasonally and refuse to utilize subpar ingredients, not all flavors are available throughout the year.

Visit the GALLERY for photos sure to induce some cravings, with more flavors coming soon.

plain jane: vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream & rainbow nonpareils

double trouble: chocolate cake with rich valrhona chocolate buttercream

the old-fashioned: vanilla cake with rich valrhona chocolate buttercream

the birthday cake: confetti cake with pink buttercream and rainbow nonpareils

the violette: chocolate cake with violet buttercream

bourbon-spiked pumpkin: pumpkin cake with bourbon buttercream

apple maple crisp: apple spice cake with vanilla buttercream, apple butter, an oat crisp & pure maple syrup

cranberry gingerbread: gingerbread cake with vanilla buttercream, homemade cranberry compote & a sugared cranberry

chocolate peppermint: chocolate cake, peppermint buttercream & crushed candy canes

eggnog: eggnog cake with eggnog buttercream & dusting of fresh nutmeg

hot buttered rum: vanilla cake, buttered rum buttercream, rum-spiked butterscotch sauce

strawberry lemonade: lemon zest cake with strawberry buttercream

chocolate salted caramel: chocolate cake with homemade salted caramel, whipped caramel buttercream, sea salt, & edible 24K gold dust

root beer float: chocolate root beer cake with vanilla bean pastry cream & root beer buttercream

c.p.b.c.: chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting & caramelized cornflakes

the bluth: chocolate cake with banana buttercream, chocolate ganache, & chopped peanuts

marie antoinette: vanilla cake with rosewater buttercream and fresh raspberry puree

brooklyn blackout: chocolate cake with chocolate cream cheese frosting & chocolate cake crumbs

mission street: brown ale cake with toffee-ale buttercream & crushed dark chocolate covered espresso beans

fluffernutter: vanilla cake with marshmallow filling & peanut butter buttercream

ooey gooey: butterscotch-chocolate chip-walnut cake with dulce de leches, graham crust, vanilla buttercream, & toasted coconut

maple bacon: maple cake with vanilla buttercream, pecan crumble & crispy bacon

black and white: chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream

red velvet: red velvet cake with vanilla bean cream cheese frosting

strawberry balsamic: vanilla cake with homemade balsamic strawberry jam & mascarpone buttercream

girl scout: vanilla cake with homemade salted caramel filling, coconut caramel, & chocolate ganache

romeo y juliet: guava cake with vanilla bean cream cheese frosting & guava puree

chocolate green tea: chocolate cake with matcha buttercream

cafe mocha: chocolate cake with espresso buttercream

s'more: chocolate cake with a graham cracker base & toasted marshmallow meringue

the godfather: vanilla cake with cannoli filling, marsala-spiked buttercream & chopped pistachios

cuatro leches: brown butter cake soaked in three-milk combination with homemade dulce de leches buttercream

chai: chai-infused cake with honey spiced buttercream

triple coconut: coconut cake with cream cheese frosting & shredded coconut

sweet potato: sweet potato cake with pecan crumble & toasted marshmallow meringue

abuelita: ancho-cinnamon-spiced chocolate cake, cajeta buttercream & shaved Abuelita chocolate

melocoton de la muerte: vanilla cake with peach-ghost chile compote & buttercream

boozy breakfast: vanilla cake with cereal milk custard, bourbon-spiked buttercream & caramelized corn flakes

oscar wilde: chocolate orange zest cake with absinthe buttercream

car bomb: chocolate guinness stout cake with bailey's irish cream buttercream & whiskey-spiked dark chocolate ganache

chicken 'n waffles: vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream & buttermilk-soaked fried chicken dunked in pure maple syrup

the gatsby: vanilla cake with champagne pastry cream, champagne buttercream, & silver sugar

citron: lemon zest cake with lemon curd, toasted meringue, extra-virgin olive oil drizzle, & lemon/lime zest

blackberry cabernet: chocolate cake with blackberry cabernet buttercream & compote.